About Us

Austin Springs is better water for better living.

What we do:

At Austin Springs we believe everyone deserves to have access to high quality water. Our sole focus is providing advanced water filtration solutions at a great value, so every home can experience the benefits of clear, refreshing water for better living.

We believe water should be clean and pure, just as nature intended.

What we offer:

We offer advanced and affordable water filtration solutions ranging from drinking water filters, shower filters, to whole home systems and encourage you to bottle your own drinking water with our high quality, chemical-free glass bottles.

Our all of our products uphold our commitment to:

  • Performance: highest contaminant reduction in its product class
  • Value: lowest cost of ownership on a cost per gallon usage basis
  • Convenience: easy to install, maintain, & replace

We also offer the Austin Springs Advantage Program for dealers who would like to sell our Austin Springs product line. If you are interested in becoming an Austin Springs dealer, please click here for more information.

Who we are:

Austin Springs is a leading manufacturer of high performance home water filtration products, founded in 1997 and based in Austin, Texas. Our team is made up of passionate and knowledgeable individuals with years of experience working in the water filtration industry. Our mission is to provide top quality products and excellent support to our customers and dealers.